Profile Correction

The mouth, jaw and facial surgery, (MKG also Cranio-Maxillo- facial surgery) is a dental practice which specializes not only on the function of the jaw, mouth and face, but also the restoration of the effects of Diseases, Injuries and Malformations to the oral cavity. This includes all structures of the face, such as the soft tissues, bone structures and teeth. We are able to develop an optimal treatment plan, integrating all steps of the process, to reach our target.

Plastic surgery procedures are ever more in decline thanks to advances in aesthetic medicine. In some cases however for the best results it is of course unavoidable. Fortunately the majority of plastic surgery treatments only require a short stay in hospital and some can even be performed on an outpatient basis.

The Chin

An optimum appearance is mainly characterized by harmonious proportions and contours of the face as well as an appealing profile. The chin much like the nose is a very important part of the human exterior. If the chin is too large or too small (receding) then it has a huge impact on the entire profile of the face.

If you suffer from a double chin, a liposuction (Fat suction) treatment will produce the desired result. If you suffer from an extra large chin, it can be reduced through the removal of a small bone in the lower part of the chin. If in contrast you desire a larger chin, then it can be built up through the cutting of the lower jawbone and then the shifting of the chins position both forward and downwards. A small screw then holds the offset part of the bone on his new position. Through this method the length and the height of the chin are adjusted.

As an alternative to a surgical correction, a structure using Hyaluronic Acid is also available for minimal corrections in specific areas. The Hyaluronic Acid is prepared and rubbed onto the targeted areas having an immediate effect. The desired effect lasts approximately 18 months.

During the consultation stages we use a computer simulation which allows the patient to see and understand the possible outcome vividly in advance. The correction is analyzed on screen with the surgeon and all possible changes are simulated and discussed. This supports the planning stages and ensures greater precision in performing the treatment.


Profile development calls for a more detailed consultation and planning process due to the fact that no standard template is available and no two operations are the same.

With Profile correction is it important to define a complete, clear and individual goal. Therefore a thorough analysis of the face tissues and jaw structures using X-Rays is a must. If during this process it becomes clear that the misalignment of the jaw needs the support of an orthodontic treatment in order to achieve the desired results, than contact will be made with a dentist and a joint treatment would be recommended.

Surgical Intervention

Profile corrections are performed under sedation or general anesthesia. Small incisions are made inside the mouth on the fold of the lower lip, to expose the chin bone. This procedure does not create any visible external scars.


Immediately after the surgery, an intensive cooling treatment is used to limit the swelling and the discoloration to a minimum.

We recommend a short hospital stay of one night, and to avoid any strenuous activities and for up to one week after the treatment. This includes extreme heat of any sort which delays the healing process.

The Eyelids

Our eyes are our gateway to the world, not only to we use them to see the world, but we communicate with them, we talk with them and they can even be the most important first impression when meeting somebody for the first time. The eye cannot be taken as an isolated feature, the entire unit of the eyebrows, temples and mouth area are all important to our facial features.

Clear and open eyes often convey attention and kindness, the opposite is also true, dull half closed eyes look tired and weary. This look can often be attributed to the effect of the upper eye lid sagging over the eye, known as the Schlupf-lid Change. Changes in the temple areas of the eyebrows have a much greater impact on the overall appearance of the eyes. However changes to the lower lids can also have a dramatic effect, the removal of the bags from under the eyes produces a distinctive, young fresh look.

The use of fine surgical correction is the most helpful, and analyses of the entire aesthetic function should serve as the basis for the treatment plan. Laser treatment in the form of a lift against wrinkles can also achieve equally good results. The treatment for lateral eye wrinkles (the crow`s feet) is a nonsurgical treatment, and very good results can be achieved with the use of Botox.

The Nose

The Nose is the most outstanding member of the profile, and one which is most critically examined. Rhino – Plastic surgery is in an aesthetic form is the oldest type of surgery.

Nose correction are not always made for cosmetic reasons, many operations can be made on medical grounds. In some cases the shape of the nose restricts breathing and affects speech patterns. This disruption leads to a chronic inflammation. Operations are conducted on the nasal septum and the skeleton of the nose. The nose can be increased, shrunk, narrowed, lengthened or widened, as well as of course straightened. Another profile option is to change the angle of the nose. It is however not recommended to make big corrections to the nose, as it can have a dramatic effect on the overall facial profile.