Modern Implants for any budget

Simple implants are basically pain free and create little or no problems for the patient. Even one day after the procedure very few complaints have ever been recorded.

Implants are the ideal solution for missing teeth in every age category. The implants are artificial tooth roots that are fixed to the bone of the jaw. The dental prosthesis is then attached to the root and can be permanently fixed or removable.

Not too long ago losing a tooth meant that a patient needed to wear a full or partial prosthesis. This has always been associated with drawbacks as the replacement prosthesis was deemed inadequate in both functionality and appearance. With the younger generations it even led to some psychological issues.

Fortunately today in most cases it is possible to develop implants both fixed and removable, which look and work almost as well as a patients original teeth.

New studies have found that 95% of implants are a long term success. Implants can replace single teeth or small areas of missing teeth. If an entire row of teeth need to be replaced than a complete jaw restructure may be needed. The implants themselves can be Crowns, Bridges or Partial and Full dentures.


  • The implant is independent. The neighbouring teeth are not affected
  • The implant can be in many cases an aesthetically better solution
  • Due to the placement and loading of the implant during chewing process, the jawbone is charged again and bone loss is prevented
  • The implant is white like natural tooth, and the same oral hygiene rules apply


  • Since the implant is fixed in the jawbone it is necessary to have a surgical procedure
  • The treatment period is longer than for a bridge

How is an implant inserted?

The operation follows careful planning using personalised radiographs and possibly even study models to determine the bone structure, from the results specific measurements are made for the correct Implant size and position.

After the surgical procedure, a healing process of anywhere between 2 to 6 months is recommended. The result is then the tailored implant fixed or permanent is supplied and ready for use.

What if the jawbone doesn’t have enough substance?

The daily chewing process stimulates the jaw muscles, if holes along the jaw line are not attended to then the beginnings of the jaw regression.

Bone deficiency / bone structure

It’s not infrequent that the jawbone can reduce in height or width, and the existing bone structure is not sufficient enough to accommodate the implants safely. In this case additional bone reconstruction is necessary, which must be performed either before the operation or simultaneously depending on the size of the implant.

Basic Line Implants

Discover our Basic Line Implants from CHF 3’200 (implant and crown)