About our Treatments

Combining facial aesthetics with dental treatment
is the ultimate offer of our specialised clinic.

All the treatments are done with local anesthesia.
For more sensitive patients also a sedation is possible.


Implants are the best and most efficient method of replacing single or more than one missing teeth in a row.
Depending on the situation, we can offer various types of implants including immediate ones.

Our partners are Astra Tech and Straumann, but in special cases we use also other types of implants to suit individual needs.

Wisdom teeth

Using the latest modern methods, wisdom tooth removal is generally a painless procedure. The area around the tooth is numbed with a local anaesthetic and nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is provided to help the patient relax throughout the procedure.

Bone reconstruction

The mouth, jaw and facial surgery, (MKG also Cranio-Maxillo- facial surgery) is a dental practice which specializes not only on the function of the jaw, mouth and face, but also the restoration of the effects of Diseases, Injuries and Malformations to the oral cavity.

Line Softening

By using small and gentle injections of the Botulinum toxin both deep and fine lines can be reduced or it can be used as a prevention of them.

It is applied to the forehead, crowsfeet around the eyes as well lines around the lips.


Dermafillers are products that contain Hyaluronic acid in different concentrations to fill fine and deep lines and also to lift the face oval. The results are visible immediately and can be altered on the next session that usually takes place one or two days after the first treatment.
For a firmness improval hyaluronic acid in form of mesotherapie can be used. It doesn’t change the form of the tissue but fills the whole facial skin with additional potion of moisture.

Lip Augmentation

For those wanting to reshape or rejuvenate the lips, we offer augmentation by using Hyaluronic acid to fill fine lines around the lips or for a slight enlargment injecting it into the lip tissue.


The best way to start a good day is to smile.
Give yourself a beautiful smile you can be proud of.